<sync> Layer

The <sync> layer represents synchronization bytes, usually (but not always) present at the beginning of the frame.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<schema endian="big" ...>
    <frame name="ProtocolFrame">
        <sync name="Sync">
            <int name="SyncField" type="uint16" defaultValue="0xabcd">
                <validValue value="0xabcd" />
                <failOnInvalid value="true" />
        <size name="Size">
            <int name="SizeField" type="uint16" />
        <id name="Id">
            <int name="IdField" type="uint8" />  
        <payload name="Data" />

The example below implements SYNC (2 bytes) | ID (2 bytes) | SIZE (2 bytes) | PAYLOAD framing where SYNC must be 0xab 0xcd bytes. Note, that read of the SyncField will fail in case its read value is not 0xabcd.

The <sync> layer doesn't have any extra properties in addition to common ones.

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