<ref> Field

This field serves as reference (alias) to other fields. It can be used to avoid duplication of field definition for multiple messages.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? version="10">
<schema ...>
        <int name="SomeIntField" type="uint8" defaultValue="Special2">
            <displayName value="Some Int Field" />
            <special name="Special1" val="0" />
            <special name="Special2" val="0xff" />

    <message name="Msg1" id="1">
        <ref field="SomeIntField" />

    <message name="Msg2" id="2">
        <ref field="SomeIntField" name="RenamedIntField" />

The <ref> field has all the common properties. It also copies name and displayName properties from the referenced field and allows overriding them with new values. Note, that in the example above <ref> field defined as a member of Msg1 message hasn't provided any name value. It is allowed because it has taken a name of the referenced field (SomeIntField).

Referencing the Field

The only extra property the <ref> field has is field to specify a reference to other field.

Use properties table for future references.

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