Properties of <optional> Field

The <optional> field has all the common properties as well as ones listed below. Refer to <optional> Field chapter for detailed description.

Property Name Allowed type / value DSL Version Required Default Value Description
field field 1 no Wrapped field.
defaultMode "tentative", "missing", "exist" 1 no tentative Default mode of the field. See also Default Mode Strings below.
cond string 1 no Condition when the field exists.
displayExtModeCtrl bool 1 no false Disable manual update of the mode in GUI analysis tools.

Inner field must be specified using field property or as child XML element. The <optional> field also allows wrapping of inner field using <field> child XML element.

Multiple conditions can be wrapped in either <and> or <or> child XML element.

Default Mode Strings

Mode Accepted Values (case insensitive)
Tentative "tentative", "tent", "t"
Missing "missing", "miss", "m"
Exist "exist", "exists", "e"

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