Common Properties of Fields

Refer to Common Properties of Fields chapter for detailed description.

Property Name Allowed type / value DSL Version Required Default Value Description
name name string 1 yes Name of the field.
description string 1 no Human readable description of the field.
reuse reference string 1 no Field definition of which to copy.
displayName string 1 no Name of the field to display. If empty, the code generator must use value of property name instead. In order to force empty name to display, use "_" (underscore).
displayReadOnly bool 1 no false Disable modification of the field in visual analysis tool(s).
displayHidden bool 1 no false Don't display field at all in visual analysis tool(s).
sinceVersion unsigned 1 no 0 Version of the protocol in which field was introduced.
Applicable only to members of the <message> or <bundle>.
deprecated unsigned 1 no max unsigned Version of the protocol in which field was deprecated.
Must be greater than value of sinceVersion.
Applipable only to members of the <message> or <bundle>.
removed bool 1 no false Indicates whether deprecated field has been removed from being serialized.
Applicable only to members of the <message> or <bundle>.
failOnInvalid bool 1 no false Fail read operation if read value is invalid.
pseudo bool 1 no false In case of true, don't serialize/deserialize this field.
customizable bool 1 no false Mark the field to allow compile time customization regardless of code generator's level of customization.
semanticType "none", "messageId", "version", "length" 1 no none Specify semantic type of the field. It allows code generator to generate special code for special cases. Value "length" was introduced in v2 of this specification.

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